Auto Hail Damage Repair Minneapolis MN

Why Paintless Dent Removal is The Best Option for Your Hail Damaged Vehicle

We all know that Minnesota is known for it’s summer storms and the potential for hail. If you get caught in a hail storm while driving, paintless dent repair may be an option for you. Our auto hail damage repair minneapolis mnauto hail damage repair Minneapolis company will evaluate your hail damage for free to see if paintless dent repair is the best option for you. Removing the dents after a heavy hail storm,the old-fashioned way, means that you will have to more than likely repaint your automobile. This can be very expensive and quite honestly not necessary. That is why you need a reputable company like ours who relies on the paintless dent repair for hail damage restoration.

Our primary specialization is in repairing autos that have been struck by hail, and we’ve been doing this for many years. We have the right experience, not mentioning the state of the art technology which enables us to get your automobile back to its pre-damaged condition. All our technicians are highly trained and continue to receive ongoing training to allow them to provide high-quality hail repairs for all types of vehicles with the latest innovative methods. You will, therefore, be entrusting your auto to the right people. To prove this, we offer you of 100% satisfaction guarantee.

While some inexperienced companies only paint the compromised parts to hide them from the untrained eyes, we address the damaged structural integrity of your auto’s exterior body.

Here are some of the ways through which we ensure that this procedure is beneficial both to you and your car.

Time saving

Removing dents through the standard method is time-consuming because it can take up to several days to pull them out, sand down the original coat and do the repainting. Our hail repair process using the paintless dent removal method only takes a few hours, with the substantially large dents taking between one and two days.

Avoiding a mismatch of colors

You would not imagine bringing your car to a repair shop only to get it back with disparate colors. Color mismatching occurs in many incidences even with companies that specialize in providing paint repair. Since paintless dent repair takes paint out of the equation, the chance of getting two different colors is reduced to almost zero.

Maintaining the value of your vehicle

Dings and dents tend to reduce the resale value of your auto and thus maintaining its original factory finish is paramount. Paintless dent repair is a perfect option to repair and in the same breath retain the factory paint finish of your automobile.


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